1 year ago

The Dad Presents: #134: Dr. Mollie James, A vaccine program disguised as something else

"COVID has been a vaccine program disguised as a pandemic"
- Dr. Mollie James, critical care doctor, on The Dad Presents

Dr. Mollie James has been a brave hero in the fight against COVID. Both in her brave rhetoric that has gotten her attacked by peers, and as a critical care doctor who has treated over 4,000 COVID patients in both the early phase and late phase of the disease.

There are effective treatments for COVID in all its stages, but government has pushed only vaccines for prevention, and has ignored early treatment almost entirely.

Healthy living, exercise, and dietary habits have also been completely ignored as Americans have gotten fatter and more at risk by sitting home, as they've been instructed to do.

Dr. Mollie drops some absolute bombs in the podcast, do not miss it.

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