Dr. Gary Sidley: 3 Reasons Why Face Masks Are the Most Insidious of All Restrictions

Published February 2, 2022 2,362 Views

Dr. Gary Sidley is a retired clinical psychologist. I was so impressed with how he argued against the use of face masks during a recent debate on GB News, that I felt inspired to make this video.

The three reasons are:

1) The best quality science says they don’t work.

2) They cause a whole range of physical, psychological and societal harms.

3) They have been used to psychologically manipulate people, creating fear and compliance, and as an identifier of the compliant and non-compliant, or “good” and “bad” citizens.

This video is a good alternative to my hour-long, video rebuttal of Prof. Michael Baker, especially to share with people who are short of time.

Smile Free website:

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