Freedom, Bravery, & Firearms: Lexington and Lessons for Today


It is not enough to simply be a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. You must be training. Train with experienced members of your community, and train together. Training is a great way to fellowship with like-minded Christian men, encourage each other, and build bonds. We highly recommend it. If you are near the Milwaukee Wisconsin area, email Jason to get in touch.
Throughout Christian history, pacifism has been denounced as a heresy. Learn more here -

Jason Storms is a pastor located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is also the National Director of Operation Save America, a Christ-centered organization committed to engaging the culture, fighting abortion, and the forces of evil attacking our freedoms and the values of our nation.

He and his wife, Sara, are the homeschooling parents of 10 children, the oldest of whom join in home remodeling and firearms training.

Jason has been a long-time second amendment advocate and has helped organize groups of men to take seriously their protective duties to their families and society at large.

The Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
Thomas Jefferson and John Dickinson, July 6, 1775

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