Confirmed! 25000 Counterfeit Ballots included in AZ Audit Count

2 years ago

World Renowned Forensic Chemist and Forensic Document Analyst Erich Speckin who has testified on over 2,000 cases spanning 33 states and 5 Continents confirms that there are 25000 counterfeit ballots that were counted at the Maricopa County, AZ Audit.

Download the Speckin Report here:

Erich Speckin also confirms, as many eyewitnesses who worked the Arizona Audit were affiant to, that it was statistically impossible for the batches of Biden ballots to be random. They were sorted. Ballots were 90% Biden in a row in in 58 of 61 batches.

The crimes are proven.

The Senate does not need to wait on a conviction from the Judicial Branch. They are an Equal Branch of Government. We have the proof and we need action now!

The Senate has complete plenary power to make a decision about these elections.

They must Honor their Oath to the Constitution and the People they serve and ensure that Our Vote is Counted...LEGALLY!

Historically, there have been do overs in Elections, just not the President. It is time to do-over this election!

Let us Unite in this Fight for Freedom! Let Us Unite to Take Back Our Power of Our Sacred American Vote!

Sourced: ElectionInvestigationLaw

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The Truth Shall Set Us Free. Let Freedom Ring!

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