Keep On Truckin' In The Free World - Music Video - Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022

A musical tribute put together for our Canadian truckers as they are joining together and making a stand against the tyranny! They are on the road headed to Ottawa right now coming from all corners of Canada making all lovers of freedom so proud and hopefully waking a few folks up along the way!
As always Stay Free and Creative Everyone!

Commie tube/ google pulled the original video and google drive download of this vid and mp3. Know who your enemy is folks. UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL.

To get a download copy of this video / mp3, copy this video's url, and use a downloader of your choice. God bless.

Video Credits-
Blenz Lens, Delmar Penner, OldTimeGarage, Jon Ross Films, Juniper, Steinbach, Happy Serbia, Shawn Cole, Hammer Head Garage, Travis Pederson, Fun Apna, Be sure to check these guys channels and give them some love for getting out there and capturing this moment in history!
If I missed anyone please just let me know.

There's truckers on the road,
Driving for our freedom,
Steady down Highway 1,
As the whole world cheers,
They see the truth that lies ahead,
This our last chance to make a stance,
Stand tall and proud like Canadians,
Keep driving on that road to freedom,
Keep On Truckin in The Free World X 4
They're are driving thru the night,
Hauling the freedom FIGHT,
Precious cargo indeed,
This trip must succeed,
And as they pass their way thru the next small town,
More and more people are gathering around,
Canadian flags are flying high,
Fire works are lighting up the sky,
Keep on Truckin in the Free World X4
Their destination grows near,
Hello Mr. Trudeau can you hear?
Hear their horns a blazing, hear their engines ROAR!
They've joined together to settle the score,
From the north, from the south, from the east, from the west,
When your fighting for freedom there's no time to rest,
Like true Canadians they've made us PROUD!
Keep On Truckin in the FREE WORLD X4

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