Nano Soma UK - Dr. Raghavan Interview. Must see video to take back control of your health. DNA & Gene Repair. Works with the body to clear chronic dis-ease

1 year ago

Jemma from Na'vi Organics and NANO SOMA UK talks to Dr. Raghavan.

Must see video to learn why NANO SOMA works, how it activates your body to address the underlying causes of disease and how it can help right now to improve your energy levels, clear toxins, heavy metals and stimulate DNA repair.

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Video content and times:

0:00 - Introduction
1:08 - The human body is mostly bacteria and viruses!
3:17 - A fully-functional immune system is the key
4:20 - Natures law applies over Man's law
7:10 - By modifying food we have removed the tools of survival
8:58 - Gut bacteria controls 90% of the immune system
12:50 - The repair of heart scar tissue
15:50 - All the genes are being expressed at 1 picogram of Nano Soma
18:00 - Pristine water is the key
21:40 - Nano Soma, the immune system and transplant patients
23:30 - Insulin and Nano Soma
25:11 - Nano Soma and Vitamins
30:57 - Vaccines, spike protein and Nano Soma
33:55 - Testimonial on Nano Soma, TB and HIV
35:30 - Covid, Immune system, Lockdowns etc
38:08 - Question on Nano Soma and adverse reactions from jabs
40:05 - Myocarditis, blood issues and D-dimer tests for spike protein
44:20 - Nano Soma for pets and other uses
48:15 - How Nano Soma helps the body rejuvenate and get younger!
52:45 - Resolving hair loss and greying with Nano Soma
55:48 - Question on healing crisis/detoxification and parasite cleansing
1:04:19 - Nano Soma balances the brain hormones and brings calmness
1:08:15 - Preventing sickness and disease before it manifests
1:08:15 - Healing the next generation for absolute health
1:16:25 - Life-changing effect from resolving the causes of symptoms
1:20:15 - Nano Soma and its many worldwide patents
1:22:40 - Some background on the discovery of Nano Soma
1:26:23 - Simplicity is the ultimate art of sophistication
1:32:45 - Change is possible
1:34:30 - All research is performed by third-party labs
1:37:40 - The simplicity of Nano Soma

Safe for children, adults and animals. No known side effects or contra-indications

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