Ron Johnson Hearings Volume 8 - Remdesevir vs Ivermectin

2 years ago

Immune to the System is a comedic political talk show hosted by comedy couple Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante. Each episode they will provide the audience information on how to become Immune to the system that tries to control us. The machine does not control the cogs within, the cogs control the machine, we just have to realize our power!

Ron Johnson Hearings: Ron Johnson Senator from Wisconsin held hearings on vaccine injured that were blockbuster, groundbreaking, and lead the news. His follow up was just as significant: "Covid-19 : A Second Opinion" featured doctors and other experts in the fields of medicine , virology and other related fields including doctors Robert Malone, Peter McCollough, Paul Marik, Aaron Kheriarty, and much more. These hearings were featured over a series of episodes of Immune to the System.

Volume 8: Remdesevir vs Ivermectin

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