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Event organizers for Freedom Convoy 2022 join us to share details of the planned events for the truckers’ arrival in Ottawa and speeches in Parliament Hill from Saturday to Monday.

With the world watching Canadian truckers lead the charge in removing all Covid and vaccine mandates, Adopt-A-Trucker.ca volunteers Chris, Bethan Nodwell, RN, and Daniel Bulford, ex-RCMP, each discuss their pivotal roles in organizing the next phase at the end of the road for the convoy.

Canadians’ emotions and hopes for a restoration of freedoms have never been higher in the last 2 years and the upcoming events will be sure to continue capturing the hearts and attention of freedom-loving citizens around the world.

Saturday, January 29 (Parliament Hill 10 am to 4 pm) – truckers arrive in Ottawa in the morning with speeches to follow starting around noon

Sunday, January 30 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm) – speeches from medical and scientific experts and influencers

Monday, January 31 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm) – speeches from politician

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