FDA Approval? Doesn't matter...

Published January 28, 2022 65 Views

The FDA is about to approve the Covid Shot... On what basis? The vaccines are supposed to be safe and effective. I know that they are because FB keeps telling me so, but... What about the original research? How did they come up with those numbers of 90-94% effective?
Effective: Did they account for all the super spreaders (aka the vaccinated) that are still contracting C19? Safe: Did they actually look at the damage it is causing? Has anyone seen the news mention VAERS on TV in the last 18 months?

What research has truly been done? Did they just wait an arbitrary amount of time so that you thought they did the study? Why a booster at 8 months? Is that timeframe conveniently created exactly 8 months after the 1st shots, by chance?

Real question... Does the fact that it will be approved make any difference in their abilty to force it upon you?

Dr. Baker is a chiropractor. This video is simply showing you different places to look for independent thinking and research. If you can not think for yourself, you might be one of the ones Bill Gates is trying to erase. Heads up... This video is not designed for treatment, diagnostics, or giving medical advice. If you want any of that info, consult the media or Job Biden.

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