2022 Election Integrity Symposium - Bennie Smith

2 years ago

The 2022 Election Integrity Symposium was held on January 27, 2022, in Franklin, TN as an effort to disseminate information to fellow Tennesseans and our General Assembly on the importance of passing legislation to secure our elections in Tennessee, now.

We must enforce the use of hand-marked paper ballots, utilize more secure methods to authenticate the ballot, create a firewall between the processes of casting and counting of ballots, better maintenance of our voter rolls amongst other improvements we can make right here in Tennessee.

Bennie Smith has developed expansive business and technical skills throughout his career. In government, as a liaison between elected officials and IT, Smith was a software developer maintaining City of Memphis applications for divisions including the Traffic Violations Bureau, Memphis Police, and Internal Affairs.

Smith operates Smartsoft, providing analytics, training, process automation, personal and corporate finance consulting, campaign strategy and demographic analysis for individuals, small and large businesses, and political campaigns. He is known locally for predicting voter turnout with his proprietary forecasting application. He has advised candidates for nearly every elected office in Shelby County.

Smith is an advocate for election transparency and serves on the Technical Advisory Team for SMART Elections.

This video is 1 of a 4-part series including presentations from Garland Favorito, Bennie Smith, Mark Finchem, and a Q&A panel discussion.

Podcast: Please subscribe to The Freedom Matters Podcast as we continue this discussion on election integrity. www.tennesseestands.org/podcast

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