Austria is descending into Covid Tyranny - “The Libertarian Monarchy That Almost Was”

Published January 28, 2022 22 Views

Richard Ebeling, BB&T Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel

The place to get educated in the 19th century was Germany – while neighboring Austria (Vienna) was the center of culture. Yet, a new Austrian school of economics exploded there in the 1870s with Carl Menger and could have taken over the world, given the endorsement of the great, 20th century icon, Murray Rothbard. But that wasn’t to be.

If America hadn’t been dragged into the Great War of 1918, Austria would have moved forward with an emperor educated in that libertarian economics school; for his teacher was Menger.

The “What-if’s” of history makes one think how much better present life could be if we had not been brainwashed by the propaganda and interloped into the European conflict. No Hitler; no millions dead in the communist death camps of Siberia, or under Mao. No American empire would have risen, deposing uncooperative regents abroad or creating today’s terrifying globalist technocracy that’s behind the Great Reset.

Professor Ebeling wrote about Menger’s schooling of Austria’s prince. Even Mises wrote that as the economist for Austria’s Chamber of Commerce his empire was maturing as a stable free market with a tolerant government. Absent the Great War, how much more deeply Menger’s new Austrian School of Economics would have penetrated society and led to a more capable and enjoyable present world… we will never know. Yet, today, anything is possible.

What is this Austrian School and can it still save us? As for Austria itself, how could the home of Mozart be descending into a Covid fascism?

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