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Scottsdale School Board Served with Papers – Given 5 days

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Feb 14, 2022 - Scottsdale Unified School District Arizona was served on 1/25/2022 and after filing a claim:

They just removed all mask mandates for children, faculty, teachers, staff, and bus drivers!

Go Leigh Dundas, Miki Klann and Ron Watkins!!
** https://t.me/s/bondsforthewin **

Huge win in Scottsdale Arizona!!!

Over 24,000 students and teachers are now LIBERATED!!!

Feb 4 2022 - The attorney for the school district said "Pound Sand" (in a nicer legal kind of way). They refuse to address the issues so, the claims have been delivered against the school Board members Bonds and the Superintendent's Bond.

Now the Bonding company will review the claims, contact the individuals on the School Board and the Superintendent and give them a chance to respond. Obviously that takes a couple of weeks so let's see what they do next.

*** Also,*** "Mom nails it on PW County Superintendent Dr. LaTanya D. McDade"

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Jan 27 2022 - Update! Scottsdale School Board Served with Papers – Given 5 business days
School Board Called On The Carpet - Greenburg kept a dossier on parents, and Children! Whoa! What's THAT about?
FIlmed At School Board Meeting Jan 25 2022

Jann-Michael Greenburg Contact

Some of the transcript:
"Human rights attorney Leigh, Dundas. The fact that Scottsdale Unified District was until recently being led by a 28 year old male attorney still living at home with his father, who misused his mantle of trust as school board President to allow for a collection of minor School children's photos in his district to be warehoused on a personal computer or g-drive . . .

American Hero Attorney Leigh Dundas and American Hero Miki Klann present Scottsdale AZ School Board with papers on their Surety Bonds. Have 5 days to clean things up. It was epic. Without the bond, they must step down. It’s the law.

Bonds For The Win

How it’s done

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