The prevailing corona nonsense narrative (short version)

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2 years ago

Dear fellow humans!

My name is Thomas Binder.

I am a cardiologist and an internist in a private practice in Switzerland, wrote my thesis in immunology and virology, and am a member of ‘Aletheia – Medicine and Science for Proportionality‘ and of ‘Doctors for Covid Ethics’, who both are fighting for the reinstitution of scientificity, also known as reality, of sanity and of humanness.

The alleged corona killer virus is nonsense.

The alleged epidemic of national or international scope is nonsense.

The use of RT-PCR tests on healthy people is nonsense.

The Corman-Drosten RT-PCR test protocol is nonsense.

The diagnostic criteria for COVID-19 disease are nonsense.

Anti-social distancing, quarantine, isolation,
contact tracing, masks, school closures and curfews, also called lockdowns, for asymptomatic, formerly called healthy people, are nonsense.

The unnecessary, ineffective, and unsafe serial experimental mRNA and DNA injections are nonsense.

Every second-year medical student has to study 'Basic Epidemiology'. There, he learns that when an epidemic of national scope is declared, a study cohort must be constituted immediately for longitudinal surveillance. This cohort must represent the demographics of the population, and it is used for tracking the case numbers, the severity of the disease, and the status of immunity to the germ that caused the epidemic.

However, even though it is now almost one and half a year ago that the WHO declared the COVID pandemic, such a representative surveillance cohort does not exist in your country.

Either there is no one among your government ministers, your health authorities and their advisors with the knowledge of a second-year medical student, or you are being totally fooled.

The epidemic is fake, but the oppressive measures which it has produced are real; they threaten our freedom, our livelihoods, and even our lives.

An endemic of a beta corona common cold virus is inflated into a pandemic of a killer virus with PR, PCR and masks and fought with serial unnecessary, ineffective, unsafe experimental mRNA and DNA injections.

The greater the damage of the roof, the more beautiful the view on the stars!

Dear responsible fellow humans!

Wake up, stand up and fight, peacefully but firmly; if not for yourself, then for your children's future and that of your grandchildren.

Let's all join hands to end this unethical, unjust, unscientific, inhumane nonsense, now!

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