Shattering the Illusion of School Choice During National School Choice Week

Published January 27, 2022 190 Views

This week is National School Choice Week. In “honor” of school choice week, The Liberty Belles have donned their yellow scarves, so to speak, to burst the illusion that is school choice. While many parents and individuals may think school choice is a good thing, it truly is not. When coupling this illusion of school choice with ESAs and other factors, it is a deception meant to fool students and parents as Lynne describes.
Remember, there is no difference in the unconstitutional parties’ stance when it comes to the illusion of school choice. Both support the communist, socialist, and fascist school choice aligned with common core goals and outcomes.
You don’t want to miss this follow-up to Wednesday’s “Rotten to the Core” on The Sons of Liberty Media radio show with Tim Brown and Lynne Taylor.

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