Living by principles in an unfair world (1-25-22)

1 year ago

I respond to Chad Walker's comment: Luke says he wants the J6 protestors arrested, just like he wants leftist protesters arrested. That's nice. The problem is in the real world leftists protestors get off Scott free while right wingers are destroyed. Luke ignores this double standard and attacks his own side, demanding they hold themselves to principles their opponents refuse to play by.

My basic problem with Luke is that he is pushing this dishonest narrative that we shouldn't stand up to leftists because it will hurt our own lives. True enough; if we stand up for what we believe in we will face professional and personal consequences. But things are only as bad as they are now because past generations of right wingers didn't fight back and just let the left take everything. Maybe you'll wish you said something when the school informs you that your son is getting his state mandated sex change this month because his first grade teacher saw him pick up a Barbie.

Can you imagine Luke telling a Jew in the 19th century that he is an idiot for leaving behind his comfortable life in France to move to Palestine and build a homeland for his people? No, because Luke thinks it's noble for someone in his adopted tribe to suffer to advance his people's interests. But if you get fired for standing up against anti-white discrimination at work Luke will say you're an antisocial idiot loser who should have kept your mouth shut to keep your salary.

It's amazing how different Luke is now than when he was talking to Mike Enoch a few years back. If I had to guess Luke's rabbi must have told him that if he didn't shape up and start attacking the alt right he would be kicked out of the community, which would mean Luke (who is in his 50s and doesn't have a lot of money) would be forced to spend his 60s and 70s homeless or living in Squalor and eating cat food. So I don't really hate Luke for changing his tune.

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