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During a time frame of 27 days MEDSAFE New Zealand documented on their website that no clinical studies has been performed as to the adverse, safety effects on fertility post COVID19 Vaccines.

As for the safety and efficacy of post COVID19 vaccines on pregnant women MEDSAFE document data is limited.
MEDSAFE have also rolled out COVID19 Vaccines for children 5 – 11 years.
On the Question and Answer sheet on the MEDSAFE website as to the safety of these COVID19 Vaccines on children, MEDSAFE states “Human trials are ongoing “. A deliberate avoidance to the question of safety.

The fact is ‘on going’ human trials means that children worldwide, including New Zealand children are being used as participating guinea pigs in human experiments.

From 4th December to 31st December 2021 (27 days) MEDSAFE reported 314 serious adverse effects and 133 deaths post COVID19 Vaccine.

Since the start of large-scale vaccine programs across the world, additional case reports have linked other neurological adverse events to COVID-19 vaccination

New Zealand Government under the leadership of Ardern are playing Russian roulette with New Zealanders lives.
The propaganda machine, vaccinators at vax centre’s, health officials and politicians in the cesspit of Wellington are all liars, as they report to the public these COVID19 jabs are ‘extremely safe’. MEDSAFE’s own documentation states they are not.

Legal fictions have become familiar as has the ongoing scare mongering tactics.

It’s time to mandate the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, to hold all those political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington to account, responsible for putting millions of peoples lives in New Zealand at risk by neglecting the nations overall health and wellbeing.

Overall health and wellbeing equates to medical, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, all of which have been seriously affected as has New Zealand’s economy and society as a whole.

Transparency is non-existent within the toilet bowl of Wellington.

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