Your true nature is love and gratitude !

Published January 24, 2022 8 Views

The 2 most powerful things to snap you out of the funks are:

1 * Appreciation

2 * Gratitude.

Appreciation and gratitude also happen to be the 2 most powerful tools for manifesting your goals.

Today, I explain how I have been talking to different parts of myself by showing gratitude and appreciation whenever I feel triggered.

It works a treat.

You have heard the saying that we are like radio stations, broadcasting and receiving on a specific frequency.

For instance, If you want to listen to Jazz, you must dial a station that is different from the weather update.

If you want happiness, health, and wealth, you have to tune your thoughts and feelings to ones of prosperity and abundance.

So far, that makes sense.

But it isn’t easy to experience emotions of “I am rich” when you are struggling to pay the bills.

Or “I am so blessed!” when you have just had a fight with your bestie.

Or “I am a genius!” when you can’t even remember your own birth date because your brain is so overwhelmed.

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to give in to feelings of despair, hopelessness, fear, guilt, shame, blame, envy, self-loathing, or procrastination when the rubber hits the road.

To make matters worse, ‘what you resist persists.’
So, the answer isn’t in resisting negative emotions and thoughts either.

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