1/22/22 AxeTruth Show SNL - WTF is COVID?

Published January 22, 2022 259 Views
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WTF is a COVID? you can ask this question to different people you can never get a straight answer. A rebrand of the traditional flu & common cold with a fear marketing campaign to restrict the rights of citizens, destroy small businesses & the middle class , install Joe Biden, & depopulation by inoculation agenda ... for the great reset. This was a PSYCHOLOGICAL PSYOP all rooted in LIES..

1. FBI has set up fake white nationalist group called Patriot Front , marching through DC with shield & they have a staged person calling them Nazi.... seriously this crap is getting beyond ridiculous

2. Kumguzzler Harris draws a red line at Russia , Putin must be shaking in his boots after hearing this joke

3. Anderson Cooper on CNN get it right in his face how disastrous the Biden Administration is

4. 1930's cartoon showed how the Pandemic would unfold using a flu virus

5. Medical discrimination - at New West Charter School Unvaccinated Students in Los Angeles are segregated outside and not allowed to attend class. They were even denied chairs

6. Father of 17-year-old Sean Hartman seeks answers after finding his son dead on the floor beside his bed just a few weeks after being vaccinated

7. Living with Covid Real Time with Bill Maher a progressive says she is DONE with Covid bc they keep moving the goal post & claims many progressives feel the same way but scared to say anything

8. Even Far Left Jimmy Dore goes on about everyone being LIED to about Covid, Fauci, and the vaccine .... The REALITY of this Scamdemic is coming to light

9. When the Public realize how much they been lied too , how many children have died from the vaccination , when that penny drops the public will revolt, political careers will be decimated.

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