Episode 5a "The Noose is tightening" 13 min.

2 years ago

This is an except from our recent video, Episode 5: "Under the Volcano."
Containing the first 13 minutes of that video including a recap on the Albany Rally an an update on Corrin's Federal lawsuit against the NYS Health Dept.

Here are links to some of the things discussed in the video.

1. The link to Corrin's 10 min. video containing speeches of Tricia Lindsay and Jo Rose is here: https://youtu.be/lxlJAKNmf7Y

2. Corrin's reply to the NYS Attorney Generals Answer to his motion for an Injunction filed in federal court on December 13, 2021 is here:

3. The link to the full 40 min. Episode 5, "Under the Volcano" is here:

4. The full 18 min video of Corrin's trip to the rally, Albany or bust" is here:

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