The Church Implementing the New World Order

Published January 22, 2022 15 Views

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The Church Implementing the New World Order

What does it mean that the Church is Implementing the New World Order? Hey Tom, where do you get that gibberish from? I could begin with a book I read that was published in 1975 by C. Gregg Singer but I want you to dig into the refreshed perspective of what has happened over the last 100 years in the article by Dr. Mike Spaulding.

‘The Church Has Become a Vehicle to Implement the New World Order’ is from the larger work on church and state that Dr. Spaulding has contributed to. For most Christians, the ostrich has its head in the sand by design. I’ve know Dr. Mike Spaulding for a number of years and his patriotism, knowledge and Faithfulness to Jesus reminds me of the Clergy of the American Revolution.

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