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William Cooper - One World Order **A RARE find. [mirrored]

William Cooper - One World Order **A RARE find. [mirrored]
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First published March 25th, 2021.
The most awake person I have run across. He had Q level clearance; he knows a lot. He explains his knowledge of extraterrestrials, his knowledge that the CIA had Kennedy murdered and Oswald framed, how Bush practiced magic and was into satanic rituals and he explains that the plan of depopulating the world. So much more. One of the absolute best two-hour interviews you will come across that can connect a lot of dots.
This is a rare video, please share this as it can help so many understand. It doesn't matter if you are down that rabbit hole or thinking about entering, this is good for everyone.
***This is a MUST SEE. We the people need to wake up because where we go one, we go all.
Please subscribe as I work hard to keep with the latest and to find what is relevant to what is going on here in December 2021, I believe from everything I have been hearing and reading that we are close to some event between now, 12-13-2021 and End of January 2022.
Another Super Rare Video that will Connect the Dots and the "Missing" Pieces.
Please check out this very rare video that hardly anyone knows about "THEY" control ALL - Presidents, CIA, Mossad, MI6, Illuminati, Free Masons 33rd's, ALL Secret Societies, Congress -- all are run by a group of Super Planners called "The Olympians" - the Committee of 300. Their wealth make the Rockefellers look poor. Talking Thousands of Trillions of $$. They are in complete charge of this covid plandemic to depopulate and you will see all the deadly viruses and bacteria they have in store. The research is by Dr. John Coleman who spent Decades discovering this. Must See - Rare Find --
Thank You
The Occulted History of Vaccines - https://www.bitchute.com/video/gutYVBKJzTOy/
Blackouts and Events to come in 2022 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/6E3j9wpzSq01/
Blood Samples - the Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated - unreal results - https://www.bitchute.com/video/GdOID8UxMRw6/
Clearly their position with Covid-19 restrictions and ever tightening mandates our not in our interest, especially our children, and we have to fight back and demand our leaders act. As of today, I have gotten no response from our Chancery Office or any of their supporting documentation (including informed consent info) I requested. Of course not, there is absolutely no medical evidence whatsoever in favour of the Covid-19 vaccine or mandates.

Both of these downloadable documents, ‘Bishop2021-10-06(redacted).pdf’ and ‘Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links.pdf’ are also presented in my (MyCatholicRedPill letter to my local Chancery Office and Bishop with no response to date. – Marcum)

Share ‘Bishop2021-10-06(redacted).pdf’

Share ‘Ultimate Proof Covid-19 links.pdf’

Please check out my Top-40 Catholic Red-Pill, Catholic Related, Covid-19 Related, and Pedophilia/Child Trafficking playlists.
This DOD stamped document also reveals that the government knows that “prior Covid-19 infection has a major protective effect against breakthrough hospitalization,” which means that natural herd immunity is superior to the vaccines.
Message To The Jabbed - Wake Up From The Spell Cast On Your Mind - David Icke Dot-Connector
Victim Of Vaccine Trials Injury Speaks Out Against Vaccine Manufacturers
These Global Demonic(s) Are Lying To Us - 100% proof
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