Fauci's Follies, Covid Policy, and the Left

2 years ago

Jim Kavanagh & Ed Curtin discuss their fellow high school alumnus, Anthony Fauci, and the confusions, contradictions, and harms of the coronavirus policies he has promoted.

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Kavanagh on vaccine mandates: http://www.thepolemicist.net/2021/09/danger-to-society-against-vaccine.html

On Jesuits & the CIA:

Ed Curtin's website:

Comment on Japan policy cited by Jim Kavanagh in the video (from Jack Adams):

I've been living here for seventeen years and know exactly what the Japanese have been doing for the last two. In a nutshell, they've been doing what the whole world has done in response to infectious disease outbreaks for the past umpteen decades.

That means:
-No national lockdowns or mandates. When outbreaks occurred in schools or communities, schools were closed for a short time, similar to a flu outbreak. Bar and restaurant owners were ASKED to close early and were reimbursed for lost income by local governments if they did so, Many did not and suffered no retribution as a result. Citizens were ASKED to wear masks in public buildings and most did so willingly. Mask-wearing is common during flu season so this was not a huge ask. I have never worn a mask outside and have never experienced a negative reaction from anyone. Young children are rarely masked where I live, a city of 260K.

-No mass testing or contact tracing. Only symptomatic people were tested. I've never been tested nor asked to be tested.
-Doctors have been allowed to treat symptomatic patients the same way they always have. That means, they've been allowed to use whatever drugs they saw fit to improve the health outcomes of their patients, including Ivermectin and many other off-label drugs, the way it used to be in the US prior to the current shit-show. The result was that few covid patients ever made it to the hospitals because early treatment was effective.

-Vaccines were made available but not pushed. I received a letter from my city office with information on how, when, and where I could get the jab and that was it. No pressure. No coercion. My choice. I'm 69 years old, unvaccinated, and happier than a pig in shit that I'm not.

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