January 2022 Roundtable - Lt. Col David Redman : Managing A Pandemic

2 years ago

Retired Canadian Lt. Colonel David Redman in covid roundtable with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Francis Christian
The way out of the pandemic - and a new beginning
Canada, January 2022

David Redman was an officer in the Canadian Army for 27 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Colonel Redman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the United States Naval Postgraduate School.
He was posted 19 times to operations in Germany, Egypt, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, the USA and across Canada. In 2000 he became a part of what is now called the Alberta Emergency Management Agency. Following September 11, 2001, he led the development and implementation of the Alberta Crisis Management Counter-Terrorism Plan. He became the Head of EMA in 2004 and led the Provincial response to the devastating floods of June 2005. He also led the development of the 2005 Provincial Pandemic Influenza Plan. He retired from EMA in December 2005, continuing to work as an expert in Emergency Management provincially, nationally and internationally. He has come out of retirement because he believes Canada has lost its way in the Covid-19 pandemic. Lt. Col. Redman has addressed the Council of the Canadian Federation - a council of the 13 Canadian Premiers that meets every 6 months.

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