Connecting with your emotional IQ

2 years ago

As most of you know, I almost died in a terrible accident in 2006.
I got hit by a truck and was left with crippling injuries.

Nobody knew if I would live, or if I did, what sort of quality of life I would have.

I had a brain injury, broken spine, smashed pelvis, and internal bleeding.

Thankfully, I made a miraculous recovery in an incredibly short time.

5 months after this accident, I went back to work.

Since then, I have learned everything I could about every aspect of health, researching every spare moment.

The CDC, the Centre for Disease control’s website, says that 85% of all illness has an emotional basis.

And the reason they can say this is because of all the work going on in the field of cellular healing.

What I know about emotions and the effect they have on our cells is that when you feel a strong emotion, and you repress it, it changes your biochemistry.

This has effect has been measured and noted by scientists.

This chemical created by suppressing the emotion, will go to certain cells and cell receptors and block them, rendering those cells incapable of communicating with the rest of the cells in the body.

This is called an energy blockage.

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