Part 2 - Craig Kelly Interview | Australia Calling

Published January 19, 2022 29,319 Views

Prof. David Flint interviews Craig Kelly MP, Leader of the United Australia Party on his reasons for entering politics and for eventually joining and leading the UAP. Craig Kelly is one of those rare MPs today who is not a career politician. He may well turn out to be precisely what Australians want. In this three part series, Craig Kelly explains what he wants to achieve for the Australian people and why so many of the positions he has taken have been radically different from all of the major political parties, Labor or Coalition.

01:11 Big Parties Must be Open, Transparent & Democratic
02:58 Restoring Constitutional System & Freedoms
15:31 Reviving the Aussie Dream

Host: Prof. David Flint
Producer: Caden Pearson
Video Editor: Adam Chiang

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