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So Novak Djokovic, by all accounts, is healthy enough to play world-class tennis. He’s not positive for Covid. Doesn’t matter, apparently. The Prime Minister of Australia just used a special order to kick him out of the country, and ban him from returning for three years, because he’s refused to be vaccinated. So, anyway, the Australian Open is now actually happening. And go figure: One of the ball girls just collapsed in the middle of the court during an early-round match. How about that? Deanna Lorraine joins us to discuss.

One reason that a lot of people have felt safe avoiding the vaccines is that over the past years a lot of other treatments have emerged for dealing with Covid-19. There’s ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, plus there’s better protocols for taking care of people who are moderately ill. But one of the biggest treatments to emerge in the last few months is giving patients infusions of monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Carrie Madej recently produced a video warning that these monoclonal antibodies include ingredients derived from HEK293 human embryonic kidney tissue. Dr. Carrie Madej joins us.

Back in October, we had Teddy Daniels on this show as a guest. At the time, Teddy was making a run for Pennsylvania’s 8th House district. But now, Teddy has decided to run for a different office, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. The state could certainly use his help. Thanks to pro-crime Soros DA Larry Krasner, crime has exploded in Philadelphia and it’s spilling over into the entire state. Teddy joins us to discuss.

Robert Beadles has spent years building tech platforms for America-first patriots. He’s a part owner of Gab. He’s built electronic canvassing systems. On the website, he built a platform for executing the precinct strategy; that’s the plan to slowly take over the Republican Party at the grassroots level in order to fight election fraud and promote America First principles. Robert Beadles joins us.

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