Freedom Convoy 2022 - 'Let It Roll' 'Down The Highway' Ottawa We Are Coming

1 year ago

If you Support Canadian Truckers, please sign our petition:
Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 Vancouver, BC to Ottawa, Sarnia, ON to Ottawa, Enfield, NS to Ottawa
Current info, schedule, routes, maps, video links, live streams, donate link:

Telegram group link:

Anyone can follow in their 4 wheeler, car, truck, moped or motorhome and join the convoy, even partway. Put flags and signs on your vehicle if you have them.
Please sign this MOU in support of the trucker’s convoy to Ottawa in order to get the government to drop the mandates!

Below is a small list of things that the truckers can use along the way to Ottawa as well as at the confederation park in Ottawa once they all arrive. Please if you are able to donate or help out then please contact Bridgette at her contact information below.
Please feel free to contact brigitte at:
Phone: 16787786992

Things needed for the truck rally/convoy:
-a motorcoach to travel cross country for media reporters
-food/water/showers for drivers
-pet supplies ie: food/water/pop bags (truckers love their furry friends for long haul company)
-porta potties at confederation park in Ottawa
-an army-style mess hall tent for bonfires and a place for truck drivers to eat
-donations for hotels and people to help put drivers up for up to 10 days if needed once they arrive in Ottawa.

Their go fund me page:
From their videos:

Tens of thousands of vehicles are coming
Hundreds of thousands coming from Quebec
Big rigs at the front, 4 wheelers in the back
Big rigs get priority parking

Times may vary depending on the weather
Everyone ends up in Ottawa on Jan 29
Fuel bulker donations gratefully accepted
They are writing a code of conduct

The media is going to try to find any excuse to smear this event
Media inquiries are to be redirected to designated representatives
The world will be watching, everyone on their best professional behaviour

People are offering their homes and B&Bs
Food trucks are coming on the convoy and others are meeting us from Ottawa
Other protest options:
Park your rig on Jan 23
Slow rolling convoys at the US border crossings

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