January 2022 Roundtable - Dr. Francis Christian, Part 4 : Our Kids

Published January 18, 2022 6,232 Views

Canadian surgeon Francis Christian in covid roundtable with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Lt. Col David Redman
The way out of the pandemic - and a new beginning
Canada, January 2022

Dr. Francis Christian FRCSEd, FRCSC is a surgeon and a poet.
As Professor of Surgery in the University of Saskatchewan, he started and directed the Dept of Surgery’s Quality and Patient Safety program and started and implemented the National Surgical Quality Improvement program for Saskatoon. The M&M surgical App that he developed is now being used across the province.
He has practiced surgery for more than 20 years and has published in peer-reviewed journals and has given several invited lectures. He is the lead author of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons’ position paper on Professionalism.
Dr. Christian was co-founder and director of the Surgical Humanities Program and Editor of the Journal of the Surgical Humanities.
Dr. Christian’s book of poems, “To a Nurse Friend Weeping” was released to the world by Harp Press in the spring of 2021: https://www.harppublishing.ca/to-a-nurse-friend-weeping/

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