Guns Are Not The Problem, The Problem Is The Mentality That Moves Guns — Tony Katz Today Podcast

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On This Episode:

We look at Trump’s Arizona speech, the reaction to it, and how the media still won’t cover what is really happening, and the uselessness of "Never Trump” zealots.

The Democrats are lacking any sort of bench for the next election, even with a sitting President eligible to run. Is the party considering Hillary Clinton for a 2024 run? Will we have a Clinton vs. Trump rematch?

Faux-Feminists are angry with Mitch Daniels over his annual open letter to the people of Purdue.

The Big Story:

The Indianapolis murder rate is through the roof. What are our city leaders going to do about it? Indiana has had an influx of residents. If we would like that to continue, we must hold our leadership accountable.

Indianapolis City Council thinks the violence is gun problem. That tells me they haven’t looked at the problem. Guns are not the problem, the problem is the mentality that moves them.

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