Published January 17, 2022 3,696 Views

How many times have you seen BitChute or Brand NewTube videos of mRNA vaccinees suffering side effects? What do the vaccines have that could possibly cause heart attacks, strokes and blood clots? Could it be that these vaccines or quaxxines as I like to call them were homing devices for 5G radiation? Or could it have been vaccines contained parasite eggs that were incubated by graphene oxide, which was activated by microwaves (5G)?

This video works on the conspiracy theory that microscopic monsters known as ‘ Hydra’ or hydra vulgaris { a type of poisonous jellyfish} together with black goo (aka. graphene oxide) were put in those mRNA vaccines? With that, could it be that there’s a conspiracy to decimate humanity with microscopic invertebrates that produce neuro-toxins? How do you explain the predictive programming in movies, pop music videos or even Olympic opening ceremonies?


Dr. Robert Young
Dr. Carrie Madej
Stew Peters
Max Igan

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