Baby Elephant Loves to Cuddle With Dad

Published January 17, 2022 9,656 Views

This is the baby Elephant Otto from the Munich Tierpark Hellabrunn. He loves nothing more than to cuddle with his dad, a gorgeous bull elephant with huge tusks. Dad Gajendra is temporarily separated, most likely because he's in Musth (must), meaning his Testosterone levels can be more than 60 times higher than in the same elephant at other times which could make him highly aggressive, but he's certainly not aggressive with his son Otto today as he's being very affectionate.

The little baby elephant cuddles dad's tusks. Throwing his little trunk around it. Dad's big trunk wrapped around his son's head and touches the rest of him. The elephant calf runs towards the big tire has a little play. In the background you hear mother Temi slapping her ears against a metal door. It's time to go outside. When the little one finishes with the tire he runs back to dad and cuddles into his Dad's big tusks again. Just look at him run, just so cute. He runs towards the tire again but makes a quick turn to go to dad. When dad shows his leg, the baby does the same and lifts us his little leg and puts it on dad's leg.

Otto was born on the 11th of November 2020 during the lockdown of the covid19 pandemic. His mum is called Temi and his dad is called Gajendra. He's a little cutie, very playful and loves learning from the adults.

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