From CoVid to Cancer

An Alkalizing Nutritional Approach in the Prevention and Reversal of Any Viral or Cancerous Condition.

In 2011, I had the unique pleasure of meeting Inger Hartelius at the Rancho del Sol/pH Miracle Center in Valley Center, California, and had the chance to follow her journey from diagnosis to recovery from terminal cancer to courage and her self-cure. It is an honor for me to pass along her story and personal journey. We all have a choice, a personal choice in terms of health, wellness, energy and fitness. Please take the time and watch and then read Inger’s enriching and empowering story that I believe will make you wiser and possibly change your life or even save your life – If not your life maybe the life of a friend or a loved one! Here is the link to Inger's amazing story of healing from a terminal metastatic cancer -

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