Lies, Damned Lies, and Job Creation — Tony Katz Today Podcast

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On This Episode:

Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempts to run interference on the White House's failure to deliver on COVID tests, among other things. She claims everything is going great with the Biden agenda. Is everything going great?

Ted Cruz put forth legislation that would put sanctions on any business that works with Russia on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Democrats blocked it.

The Indianapolis murder rate is horrific, but Rev Charles Harris is having great success keeping neighborhoods safe year after year. He joins us to share what he is seeing in the Indy community.

The Big Story:

It has been a very bad month or so for the Biden White House. Voting legislation not going anywhere. $1.75 Trillion in social spending failed. Gas prices, food shortages, and inflation. Polling numbers so brutal they should be considered elder abuse.

The Biden White House claims record job creation. People going back to the jobs they had before they were told that they could no longer go to their jobs because of COVID is not “creating” jobs. The Biden Administration has not created a single job.

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