Nebraska Voter Accuracy Project Presentation to Omaha Liberty Ladies

2 years ago

Hear Results of our 2020 Election Research & Voter Verification

The Voter Accuracy Project is a collaboration of data, electronic research and canvassing to verify votes, systems and processes.

We saw what looked like fraud occurring across the USA. We wanted to find out if perhaps it exists here in our state. We have roughly 200 volunteers who have been digging into the data as well as canvassing across the state.

Without a doubt, we believe fraud does exist here and our battle now has switched from digging into it, to presenting our findings so we can put an end to it.

Telegram:, where we communicate in our efforts.

This will have the potential to solve many other problems in our nation that we are facing right now so it becomes our #1 issue to overcome. It's going to take everything we've got to turn things around to create a future of secure elections but I believe we can do it!

MANY OF THE CANVASSING Affidavits shown in this video we had found leading voter verification in Lancaster County! We've also have spent much time directing public records investigation! We are asking you to watch. You will not believe the things we have found right here in NEBRASKA!

Most up to date presentation can be downloaded at:

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