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Black Sheep - Another Sheep in the Mall

This song is a cover after Another Brick in the Wall. Although all the audio tracks were recorded live in a studio by a band of professional musicians, all the audio rights of this video belongs to Pink Floyd and EMI Records.
Therefore I give away to the original owner any revenue that this video will generate.

We are the Black Sheep and we have a message for every Citizen of the World.

This song is a manifesto for #freewill. We are not against vaccination but against #coercion and #health discrimination (there are vaccinated people who worked hard on this project).
Health is a matter of personal decision, NOT a public good that politicians and governments use to control the people, as in communism.

This song is a wake up call against #censorship, #cancelculture and the indoctrination from all the mainstream media channels. We are tired of the fake news narrative that only creates fear, panic and confusion.

This song is a warning to many of you who still refuse to see where this story is going and believe that lockdowns, masks and forcing others to have a medical intervention so they can be able to work to support their families is standing on the good side of history.

This song is a shout to everyone who lost their friends and loved ones to the "other side of the narrative" and bring them together against the "common enemy".

We are a group of artists who spoke against the main narrative of Covid-19 Pandemic from the early 2020. Some of us were victims of #cancelculture and got fired from our jobs and all of us are getting censored on all the main social media platforms.

We would also love to know that you’ll keep an eye on this channel, as we’re preparing more interesting stuff, so feel free to subscribe, and a share would help us a lot!
The description of this song will alter in the future and it will include further information about the people involved in the project and some easter eggs, so you can check it from time to time.

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