Dr. Mark McDonald - Fear and How it is Used to Divide and Control Us

Published January 13, 2022 447 Views

Dr. Mark McDonald is a psychiatrist to follow. This interview is critical viewing for parents who are wishing to protect our children.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, LA-based
psychiatrist Mark McDonald grew increasingly concerned
by the negative mental health effects he witnessed among
his patients—and Americans nationwide. These negative
effects—stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, domestic
violence, suicidal ideation—were all directly traceable to
the climate of fear being stoked by public health
authorities and irresponsibly amplified by national media.
These fears in turn drove a hysterical overreaction from
government in the form of draconian lockdowns and mask
and vaccine mandates of questionable value. But the fear
did not abate and quickly took on a life of its own,
becoming an unstoppable force in all our lives. At last
McDonald began to speak out, explaining that America is
actually suffering from two pandemics: a viral one and a
psychological one, a “pandemic of fear” that is in many
ways more dangerous and damaging than the virus itself.
Rooted in the natural anxieties of women on behalf of
their children and families, inflamed and amplified by
sensationalistic media, and driven over the top by hamfisted authoritarian measures from those in power,
McDonald diagnoses the country at large as suffering from
a mass delusional psychosis. This is not a metaphor. The
malady itself is very real. Whether we can regain our
collective sanity as a society remains to be seen.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mark McDonald graduated from UC Berkeley before
attending medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Trained in both adult
and child and adolescent psychiatry at UCLA, he now works primarily with children
in private practice in west Los Angeles. Dr. McDonald has lived and worked in
Europe, Asia, and Central America. His opinions on topics such as the need to reopen America’s schools, and the pandemic of fear in the United States today, have
been widely published in local and national news, including the Wall Street Journal
and The Federalist.

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