Antifa Bomber Targets J6 Rally In Florida; Deputies Thwart Mass Casualty Incident At Brown Vigil

Published January 12, 2022 230 Views

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Bobby Powell, Publisher of The Truth Is Viral, had just finished speaking to a crowd of over one hundred supporters of 20-year Army Special Forces sergeant Jeremy Brown when Pinellas County Sheriff's Deputies shut down the event saying there had been "suspicious devices" found.

Deputies arrested 22-year-old Garrett James Smith, who lives at home with his mom in a neighboring town, after he was seen running near the rally dressed in black from head to toe. Smith was carrying a live nail-studded pipe bomb and other assorted explosives devices in a backpack when he was arrested. A subsequent search of his home revealed yet more explosives and Antifa "direct action" training manuals.

Smith had recently returned from an extended stay in Portland, where Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri said he had been training to be part of an Antifa sleeper cell, possibly a lone wolf, just waiting to attack a nice soft target like the vigil.

The vigil was hosted by Cathi Chamberlain, author of "Rules for Deplorables," and featured numerous speakers including Chamberlain, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, Nurse Erin, and Jeremy Brown via phone from inside the jail.

Chamberlain said this was the 4th vigil she had planned for Jeremy Brown, who was arrested by the FBI after he posted audio he had recorded of federal agents attempting to get him to infiltrate patriot groups before the events of January 6th, 2021. The vigil/rallies are held outside the Pinellas County Jail, where Brown has been held since his arrest last Fall. The highly-decorated veteran is being denied bail because prosecutors say he is a danger to society.

Journalist Bobby Powell was invited to show footage he recorded in Washington DC which shows an undercover federal agent tear a Senate office window from its frame during the "insurrection," and then attack an innocent bystander who rushed in to stop him. In another incident, a second federal agent was recorded holding the doors to the Senate Rotunda open with a stick and pushing people inside.

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