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Scuba diver is amused when shark scares his brother

Chris and Cameron are brothers who have been diving all around the world. They are young, but seasoned scuba divers with a serious love for nature, especially for the ocean. They have dipped their fins in the waters of Cuba, Cayman Islands, Belize, Mexico, Galapagos Islands, and Canada.
True conservationists and nature lovers, they are seen here as they cruise over the reef in Belize, looking for invasive lionfish. An introduced species, lion fish were never meant to exist in the Atlantic Ocean. Since their accidental introduction by humans as early as the 1980s, these predators have been bred prolifically. Lion fish have no natural predators on this side of the world. They have voracious appetites, consuming up to 30 smaller reef fish each, every single day. This has been wreaking havoc on populations of resident fish. Experts encourage scuba divers to eradicate the fish through spearing, where allowed by law. Cameron and Chris have been doing their part by removing lionfish whenever they can.
Ideally, lion fish should be removed from the ocean and eaten. They are an excellent fish for eating, with firm, white flesh, and a mild taste.
Some experts have encouraged scuba divers to feed the lion fish to other predators in an attempt to teach them that the lion fish represents food. This is a hotly debated topic because this will affect the behaviour of sharks and eels, teaching them that humans are a source of feeding opportunities. This could potentially lead to dangerous interactions and accidents.
The nurse shark that we see in this video has possibly been the recipient of a few lion fish. It seems curious about the spear that Chris holds and it may be able to smell fish on the end of it. It is more likely that the shark knows that Chris is hoping to spear one. It cruises around the divers, posing no threat to any of them. But Chris is severely startled as he looks down and sees the shark directly beneath him.
A scuba mask limits peripheral vision and the divers are not aware of the animals that approach from the side until they are in front of them. In this case, Chris mistook the harmless nurse shark for another species of shark for a moment. Before he recognized it for what it was, he let out a blast of air and frantically paddled up and away from the friendly creature.
Brothers are often entertained by the mishaps of the other, and these two are no different. Cameron could see this coming and Chris' momentary terror is more than a little amusing. Cameron pokes a little fun by trying to pet the shark and then he looks to see that the camera caught this moment.
Scuba diving is a relaxing sport, but entering the ocean among the animals that were built to dominate this world leaves even an experienced scuba diver a little apprehensive about animals coming too close.

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