A Weaponized DOJ and The Bigotry of Cultural Marxism Run Amok! — Tony Katz Today Podcast

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2 years ago

On This Episode:

Has our own Federal Government been weaponized against us? Author Michael Walsh joins us to discuss the Department of Justice’s domestic terrorism unit and the growing pervasiveness of the culture war.

The Florida murder trial where three jurors were unwilling to convict strictly based on race.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited last September’s letter from the National School Boards Association which compared parents protesting at school board meetings to domestic terrorists.

The Big Story:

States are rationing off COVID medication by race to rectify wrongs in medical treatment in the past. Punishing people in the present for the wrongs of others in the past is exactly what parents discussing Critical Race Theory see as the problem.

A full teaching of history has a place in our society. The bigotry and oppression of Cultural Marxism has no place in our society.

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