Masks - The Truth is Leaking Out - Slowly

2 years ago

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Stephen Petty, host of the Petty Podcast, discusses two interviews by Scott Gottlieb (Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner from 2017 to 2019 and now with Pfizer) on CBS’s Face the Nation where he admitted that the 6-ft. rule had no basis in science and that cloth masks don’t work for protecting one from COVID. His statements and additional science related to his statements are reviewed in this podcast.

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See below for more information on Stephen Petty:

Stephen Petty, PE, C.I.H., C.S.P., host of the Petty Podcast and owner of EES Group in Pompano Beach - Florida, will be applying his knowledge as an engineer and health & safety expert to breakdown recent events (i.e. COVID-19, Surfside condo collapse, etc.) with a short-term focus on masks and why much better solutions exist based on science-backed, common sense, long-time solutions.

Stephen's credibility all starts with his unique combination of credentials as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (C.I.H.), Certified Safety Professional (C.S.P.), and Professional Engineer (P.E.).
Stephen has also published a book on Forensic Engineering; the 2022 2nd ed. was just published.

He holds 9 U.S. Patents, mostly related to HVAC systems.

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Please consider watching COVID Revealed: Jeff Hays Films LLC; Sept 30, 2021 – 1 hr. on Engineering Controls and Why Masks Cannot and Do Not Work – they did an excellent job with this interview:

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