Pfizer CEO: Our CV Vax Offers 'Limited If Any Protection'

Published January 12, 2022 1,100 Views
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Pfizer CEO: Our CV Vax Offers 'Limited If Any Protection'

Pfizer CEO on the vaccine that the U.S. government wants to mandate for the entire population:

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any. 3 doses with a booster offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths."

Speaking during remarks to a J.P. Morgan healthcare conference this week, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla openly stated current vaccines the company developed for Wuhan coronavirus offer "limited, if any" protection against contracting current variants of the disease. He then encouraged booster shots.

The statement from Bourla comes as the Biden administration continues to justify vaccine mandates for federal workers, contractors and private businesses. The Supreme Court heard arguments about President Biden's mandates for private companies and medical workers last week. A ruling is expected soon on the constitutionality of the mandates.

A number of people who have pointed out the waning efficacy of Pfizer's vaccines, which Bourla touted last year as being "100 percent" effective against contracting or transmitting the virus, have been banned by social media companies.

Meanwhile, Bourla also announced this week the company is developing a vaccine specific to Omicron. It is expected to be ready in March when health officials predict the latest wave of the mild variant will already be over.

New Vaccine will be called "Version 1.1", likely in an effort to deter people from remembering that it's really their 3rd shot!
...It's just "1.1"


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