02/17/13 Are You a Good Leader? (Archive)

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Are you a leader? Do you squander opportunities? Thoughts will mislead you. It's about love, not achievement.
00:00 Sun, Feb 17, 2013
00:46 Meaning?
03:10 Are you a good leader?
11:57 Leadership is initiative
19:17 Not by what you think or feel
30:53 What do I get out of it?
35:02 Be all you can be?
47:33 Seek challenge?
52:33 I don't see myself as a leader
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BOND Archive Sunday Service, February 17, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson discusses with the people the question: Are you a good leader? There is a lack of leadership in America. Some men discuss failings and fears in leadership positions at work. Jesse recounts Jesus's parable of the three servants given talents, one of whom did nothing with it. What he had was taken from him. Selfishness and doubts hold some back. Have no relationship with what you think or feel. It's not about ego, being all you can be, but about love, and doing what's in front of you to do.

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