Spontaneous Combustion : 5G EXPOSED

Published January 11, 2022 2,019 Views

Anyone here remember X-files? How many times did those conspiracy theories turn out to be true? Who would have thought that black goo (graphene oxide) was an ingredient in mRNA vaccines?

Here’s a good one: How do we respond to the conspiracy that spontaneous combustion would be ‘the new normal’? Yes, it sounds crazy and you must think we’re conspiracy loons, but how many times have those X-file conspiracy theories turned out to be true? How many times has Hollywood been predictive programming for psyops like 9/11 or Covid-19 plandemic?

Here’s the thing: How many people have heard of the SPC-081 virus (aka. spontaneous combustion virus ) ? You can't make this up...Do your own research and tell us SPC-081 does not exist!

With that, could it be all possible that the powers that be could put SPC-081 in future vaccines ? And if that is not bad enough, could it be possible to activate SPC-081 with 5G? Can you imagine an evil person like Bill Gates switching on 5G and thousands of vaccinated people literally blow up and blood is everywhere? You know, they don’t call him ‘Bill Gates of Hell’ for nothing. Why do you think Bill Gates is investing in nuclear reactors? To provide electricity for his ‘SkyNet’ 5G grid ?

Further, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but DARPA have psychokinetic technology to control devices...Please, do your own research on DARPA...Yeah, can you imagine Bill Gates wearing one of those devices to blow up somebody by just thinking about it?....Scary, huh? This video ends with a clip of Hollywood predictive programming for psychokinetic weapons.

So yeah, when are the stupefied brainwashed sheeple going to wake up, get off their lazy sweaty backsides and stop killing themselves with nanotech quaxxines or smart devices that could cause them to spontaneous combust?

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