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Published January 10, 2022 233 Views
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Rumble Pandemic , deadly pandemic is the what we are being told every day … but there’s no blood on the dance floor , they don’t have the deaths or real people sick & hospitals are empty to confirm the hype of this Scamdemic.. The narrative is falling apart & they CDC is admitting things that we “conspiracy theorist” have been saying for 2 years.

1. The difference in Truthers who do online streaming and videos , its not about being popular , as we are censored , shaddowbanned, and sometimes deplatformed . Like Pastor Greg Locke says “ I’m trying to impact people than impressed people”.

2. Foolishness News - Fat Black Girl Social engineering , the spokesperson of this destructive behavior is Lizzo she has gained weight & proud of it.. The MSM is promoting it as “Body Positivity”

3. News Reporter got shut down by blistering snow as she was reporting the lies about January 6th , claiming it was Trump supporters who seized the capital .

4. Video inside the terrorist attack on Jan 6th , 2 brothers which were from (Antifa & BLM) dressed as Trump supporters inside the capital doing video & exchanging instagram looking like they were going taking it to the hotel after this.

5. UH OH you can't fool Amazon Artificial Intelligence gender recognition software identifies Michelle Obama and Serena Williams as MEN

6. Speaking of Big Mike - Michelle Obama, the democrats are looking to him/her as their only hope for getting out the vote for the 2022 Midterms. Michelle Obama Gets Involved In 2022 Midterms, Pens Letter To New York Times

7. CNN realizing people are tuning out the MSM bullshit, they are sick of all the lies & daily fear tactics behind a virus that nobody seeing anyone have to the level of some alarm

8. Puerto Rican Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Steven Bryer and Alana Karen all giving misinformation when it came to Covid19 which proves these justices already have their minds made up on rulings before they hear them

9. Mayor Watermelon Seeds PSA to those who are not taken the shot, that they need to do the responsible thing to get it & when he was addressing his angry constituents sounding like a remedial student in reference to the Mandates he looked like a deer in the headlights

10 . The CDC director just said over 75% of “covid deaths” occurred in people with at least four comorbidities & CDC Director Walensky says vaccines can't stop transmission… They are no backtracking on everything bc the lies are being exposed

11. White CovidSissies hate CDC director for telling the TRUTH how ineffective the vaccine for stopping the spread , these Covidcultist don’t want the truth bc they have been pushing this nonsense. . the White Liberal Gays are the worst.

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