Southern Classic Cigars Private Label Robusto Cigar Review

2 years ago

This 5x50 stick features a dark cocoa firmly packed oily slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, triple cap and pungent sweet cocoa and manure aroma. First light reveals a very tight draw needing correction, after which showed a medium-full body of sweet wood and grassy notes with a building pepper on the long finish. The first third burns very quickly but well, keeping the big body, dropping a bit of the grassiness and adding a big sweet caramel and bit of a grit to the smoke. Ending at 50 minutes the 2nd half burned much slower, bringing in a big strength kick, matching the body at medium-full. Notes shifted to a heavy earth and just a touch of the caramel coming through, while the finish dropped the pepper and got very smooth.

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