Disrupt Now Podcast Ep 95, Ushering in a New World Where Companies Honor Healing of the Human Soul

2 years ago

How toxic is your work environment? Even if you work from home for the most part, did you notice that there are expectations/requirements that aren’t empowering you to be healthy, but rather are depleting your body of your energy?

If you’ve been in top corporate leadership roles (or any role in specific industries), did you notice that in order to “get business done” there seems to be an almost unwritten rule that getting bombed is required?

Well, we sure did, and we’re not afraid to expose the truth!

In this episode, Natalie Viglione gets down and dirty into the TRUTH SERUM of work-life with Sensei Victoria Whitfield in a powerful discussion about the practices in business that do more harm than good to our minds, bodies, and spirits. Isn’t it time that we HEALED in workplaces rather than got more TOXICITY pounded into our systems??!!

Victoria Whitfield is a Business Reiki Master that helps empathic entrepreneurs and leaders stay grounded and clear as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of business development.

In this episode, you’ll find:
- What being a workaholic can do to your mind, body, and spirit (energy!)
- Why the first step is always figuring out where the productivity drain is
- How a toxic social work environment will DEPLETE you, not REPLENISH you
- How we can create a working environment that’s full of healing (not POISON)
- Why every business needs SOPs that support the health of the human body and energy restoration (not depletion)
- How to get out of the bad habit loops that don’t empower you but take your power away
- Why we need to be systematically conscious of the effect our business has on our bodies (mind-body-spirit)

And, as always, lots more… Please make sure to watch the full episode!


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