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Published January 8, 2022 156 Views
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Rumble Happy New Year Patriots , its 2022 going into 3 years of the Airborne Aids , propaganda & manufactured fear to push PSYOP after PSYOP. Shout out to all my 5%ers who know the truth , speak the truth , not allowing this to control your life & destroy your spirit.

1. Censorship by Big Tech is not new, but did you know the US Government is also behind censoring content on Tik Toc

2. Shine News - Fake Jogger Saint Ahmaud Arbery case , the guys who shot him got life in prison, I will give my thoughts on this miscarriage of justice.

3. Akatas in Chiraq makes Chicago Shootings NYE Tik Tok video mocking Karens complaining about gun shots, These people thinks black gun violence is a joke

4. Democrats Hypocrisy behind the Airborne Aids & Mask Wearing AOC & her sissified boyfriend goes to Florida maskless & attends the Alphabet soup rainbow club to watch Drag show .. Nobody has on Mask... this Pandemic is only used in certain areas of the country

5. Don "Lace front Glue Down" Lemon dancing & twerking maskless NYE in New Orleans

6. Flashback - Leftist Antifa & BLM rioting & damaging property Trumps first day in office January 20th 2017

7. In May 2020, mobs of fat-left rioters tried to storm the White House. They were repelled by police, who were assaulted and hit with projectiles

8. Lying Ted Cruz about Jan 6th saying it was act of terrorism , Tucker Carlson have him on his show as Ted tries to walk back what he said to save his political career.

9. Demonic Democrats continue with trying to make this Manufactured Jan 6th event real by holding a January 6th "candlelight vigil" outside the U.S. Capitol

10. Keith Olberman panicking because he knows the Democrats are toast in 2020 now asking for Joke Biden to resign

11. Welcome to Israel implementation of Mark of the Beast Pass at McDonalds, No Shot , No Food

12. This is what We The People have to do, GET IN THEIR FACES with the Truth

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