A Horrific Orthodox Rabbi Jew Saying What They're Doing to Children | Parental Guidance!

2 years ago

This Luciferian monster, Rabbi Finkelstein of New York City admits to the satanic ritual abuse they do on children. He describes what they are and have been doing to stolen children and other very disgusting things.

Rabbi Finkelstein has a synagogue on the lower East side of Manhattan, New York. He openly explains the atrocities they do and admit they have everyone fooled; they're not the real Jews.

There are thousands of men & women, evil groups of people doing Satanic Ritual Abuse on chidren and walk among us, like Rabbi Finkelstein, they lie, cheat, and steal, while they deceive the world.

Please listen carefully, as this is happening much more than we knew; more atrocities will be coming to light soon.

Pray for discovery, pray for healing the sick and twisted people of our world.

In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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