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Meet Two Pilots Who Have Lost Their Jobs Because of Vaccine Mandate

Greg Hill has spent 30 years in aviation, first in the military (with multiple deployments around the world, including 3 to Afghanistan) then with a major Canadian airline. With over 13000 hours flying, his career appears to have wound to an involuntary close as of the 31st of October of last year, due to his refusal to cede informed consent and health freedom.
Matt Sattler is an airline pilot with over 10,000 hours, mostly flying large jets, in a career that has spanned some 17 years. Flying was a boyhood dream of his, and he successfully turned it into a career with a major Canadian airline. Matt and his wife work at the same airline, and are both on forced leave without pay. Apart from feeding his family, Matt's sole ambition is to reestablish freedom in Canada.
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