January 6th - Not What History Proves

2 years ago

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January 6th Not the Primary Insurrection

I wanted to comment on January 6th from a perspective that I have heard but a very, very few others say anything about. There is much to do in calling January 6th an ‘insurrection.’ Yet words have meanings and the word usage does not match what history tells us about the real attacks on the federal capital. Nor does the narrative of the day properly use the word ‘insurrection’ where it should be respecting the events of the last few years or the incitements of radical professors leading ‘insurrections’ on campuses and local communities.

The truth of all that is being yapped about concerning ‘insurrection’ is rooted in that first action when Lucifer made his play to take the throne room. (Isaiah 14:12 and 14) With that and the Fall of Adam and Eve, well, mankind are set to follow the example of Lucifer to see power and take it, hold it and use all methods to do both. The purpose of good Constitutional governance is to keep our natural human sinful natures in check. Sadly, the Christian Church/denominations in these United States allowed the 140 year insurrection here to come to the point we are with the political and bureaucratic imbedded insurrectionists actively accomplishing their intent. Oh, and please consider what I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the ideological and mental make up of these folks as noted in Isaiah 66:4.

Who Are the Insurrectionists?

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